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Ghana Contract Monitor

3. Deepwater Tano-CTP Block (3000sqkm)

Contract Parties

Aker Energy (Operator), LukOil, Fuel Trade, GNPC EXPLORCO, GNPC.

Effective Date/Initial Exploration Period

Effective Date: July 19, 2006

Appraisal/Pre-development Period (3 years from Notice of Discovery).

Has 6 months after ITLOS ruling to submit POD.

Minimum Exploration Program (Initial Phase)

  • 3D ‘Broadband’ seismic acquisition

  • Drilling of 3 appraisal wells (2 in the Pecan area and 1 at Almond)
  • Reprocessing of legacy 3D seismic
  • Well data integration of all data
  • Reservoir simulation studies
  • Geochemistry study

Minimum Expenditure


Observations as of 2017

This company made successful discovery but could not progress to field development because of the ITLOS’s preliminary injunction. The company can now go ahead to submit Plan of development.

Aker acquired the interest of Hess in the block and proceeded to complete appraisals studies. Programme of Development (PoD) was submitted to government. The PoD was not  approved. Aker has to revise and resubmit the PoD.

Aker awaited some amendments to its PA to finalize the Pecan PoD and resubmit. Parliament amended the DWTCTP PA in December 2020. However, Aker suspended the development of the field in April 2020 due to low oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Aker Energy suspended and postponed all Pecan Field development activities on account of the impact of Covid-19. As of the time of this report, the contractors have not submitted a revised PoD for the Pecan Field as expected.

In 2021, GNPC proposed and submitted a memo approved by Cabinet to Parliament to acquire additional 37 percent share in this block. This proposal raised significant opposition on the propriety and fiscal implications from CSOs in the sector and other stakeholders in the sector. The advocacy from these actors raised important threats of the proposal to the country’s fiscal situation including issues with the valuations and value-for-money concerns resulting in a suspension of the plans.