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Ghana Contract Monitor

The Africa Centre for Energy Policy was established in 2010 and registered in Ghana under the Companies Registration Code with registration number CG044282013. It is also registered as not-for-profit organization with number DSW15703.

What We Do

ACEP is an African energy policy think tank and an advisory based organization which works with partners around the World and especially in Africa, to harness the potential of Africa’s vast energy resources (oil, gas and renewable) for the accelerated development of the Continent. Our core thematic areas centre on revenue governance; contract governance; institutional development and corporate transparency; diversity, equity and inclusion in resource governance; and climate change and energy transition.

Our Vision

Is to see an Africa in which energy and extractive resources are utilised for economic transformation and sustainable inclusive development.

Our Mission

Is to conduct evidence-based research, policy analysis, capacity development and advocacy to ensure effective and equitable utilization of energy and extractive resources in Africa.

Our Values

Professionalism: We uphold high ethical standards in the performance of our core mandates. Our work is guided by the standards of accuracy, evidence-based positions and objective analysis of issues.

Accountability: We are committed to the interest of the citizenry in the performance of our duties.

Cooperation: We value and foster partnerships, networks and strategic collaborations with all stakeholders to deliver value.

Independence: We conduct our activities on a non-partisan basis and without influence from other interest groups.

Knowledge: We are keen on knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and expertise development in the energy and extractive sector.

Integrity: We believe in building trust and credibility as a reliable authority in the energy and extractive sector.