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Ghana Contract Monitor

14. Ultra-Deepwater East Keta Block (2,239sqkm)

Contract Parties (Operator)

GNPC- GOSCO, Heritage E&P, , EXPLORCO and Blue Star
Effective Date/Initial Exploration Period

Effective Date: July 18, 2014
Initial Exploration Period (2.5 years + 2 years):
July 18, 2014 – January 17, 2019
Minimum Exploration Program (Initial Phase)
  • Reprocess existing 2D and acquire 1500sqkm of 3D seismic
Minimum Expenditure

Observations as of 2017

Initiated efforts to reprocess existing data and license 2D data
on the area. Initial exploration period has been extended by 
2 more years.
2019 Update

The extended period has also expired and the contractor has not 
met the minimum work obligations.  GNPC’s subsidiary is the 
operator of the block but that is not an excuse to shield 
majority interest holders from nonperformance.
2020 Update

The Contractor engaged CGG in 2016 to acquire 3D seismic 
data. The seismic vessel was intercepted by Togolese navy 
and frustrated the acquisition work. The matter still 
remains unresolved between Ghana and Togo.